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While surfing the web, do you ever find yourself wanting to jot down a quick note, but then the thought of firing up a note-taking application or opening a note-taking website makes you give up on the idea? If so, this fun little Safari extension might be just the thing.

Click ccNotepad’s button on Safari’s toolbar, and it opens a small side window and loads in it. (You can also use the configurable hotkey, which defaults to ⌘-Shift-O.) Then just type your note—that’s all she wrote.

The first time you open ccNotepad, it will generate a new note with a random name, just like when you enter without a pathname in Safari’s address bar. But then it will remember the generated pathname and load the same note the next time you open ccNotepad.

If you want to load a specific note into ccNotepad, type ⌘L to reveal the address bar. Then enter the desired address and press Enter. Alternatively, open the note you want in a normal window, and then click ccNotepad’s toolbar button. It will open the same note in its own window.

If you select some text before clicking the toolbar button or typing the hotkey, that text will be automatically appended to the note loaded in ccNotepad. (This will happen whether ccNotepad is already open or not.) If you want to repeatedly append selections to the note without having ccNotepad come to the front each time, click the little pin button on ccNotepad’s bottom toolbar.

The bottom toolbar also has buttons that control what type of font the note is displayed in (serif, sans-serif, or monospace) and whether a new (empty) line is inserted before auto-appending a selection, after auto-appending, or both before and after.

One more thing—if you don’t like the ccNotepad window’s default size and position, resize and/or move it as you like. Then right-click inside the window and select Save Window Size/Position in the context menu.

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