FreshTime screenshot

If you use FreshBooks—the excellent online invoicing and timetracking application for freelancers—you may find this Safari extension useful. One click on FreshTime’s toolbar icon is all it takes to open a handy FreshBooks timer window. Even better, if you let it save your username and password, FreshTime will automatically log you in. Finally, FreshTime will remember the timer window’s position, so you don’t have to move it every time.

Setting Up

Before you can use FreshTime for the first time (after installing it, that is), you first need to find out your unique URL for the Freshbooks timer window and enter it in FreshTime’s settings. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Log into FreshBooks the same way you usually do.
  2. Click the Time Tracking tab, and then click Start/Stop Timer.
  3. When the timer window opens, type ⌘L to reveal the address bar.
  4. The page URL will be selected automatically, so just type ⌘C or select Copy from the Edit menu to copy the URL to the clipboard.
  5. Close the timer window.
  6. Open Safari’s preferences window by typing ⌘, or selecting Preferences… in the Safari menu.
  7. Click the Extensions tab, and then click the FreshTime icon in the extension list.
  8. Click inside the “FreshBooks Timer URL” input box and then type ⌘V to paste the timer URL into it.
  9. If you want FreshTime to log you in automatically whenever you open it, enter your FreshBooks username and password in the other two input boxes.
  10. Close the preferences window. You’re done!

From now on, whenever you need to start or submit a FreshBooks time entry, just click the FreshTime icon on your Safari toolbar, and FreshTime will open the timer window for you.


If Safari’s popup blocking feature is enabled, FreshTime will not be able to open the timer window. You will need to either disable popup blocking (in the Safari menu) or upgrade to Safari 5.1, which does not have this limitation.

To allow FreshTime to remember the timer window’s position, please close the window by pressing Esc or typing ⌘W. If you close it by clicking the close button, the extension will not remember the window’s position.

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