This extremely simple extension lets you navigate up a web site’s hierarchy, step by step, by typing ⌘⌥↑ (that’s Command-Option-Up).

Say you’re viewing the page at Navigating up the hierarchy means going up to the “parent” of the current page, so that would get you to Go up again, and you get all the way up to

Safari actually has a built-in way to navigate up a site’s hierarchy. To activate it, ⌘-click the page title in the window’s title bar, and then select a “path” in the pop-up menu. It’s just like navigating up in the Finder. This extension just provides a handy keyboard shortcut to Safari, like the Finder’s ⌘↑. (I could have used ⌘↑ here too, but that would have interfered with Safari’s built-in shortcut for scrolling to the top of the page. I felt that ⌘⌥↑ was the next best option.)

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