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With PopSearch, you can easily add any search engine you like to Safari.

PopSearch gives you two ways to use your custom search engines. If you use Safari 6 or higher, you can access them right in the browser’s combined address/search bar by typing a short keyword (like “w” for Wikipedia) before your search terms. Also, you can change the default address bar search engine to one of your custom ones.

In Safari 5 or higher, you can use PopSearch’s own convenient popup search bar by typing ⌘K (or another hotkey of your choosing). You can select the search engine using either keywords or a drop-down menu.

An extra benefit of using the popup search bar is that if you select some text on the page before invoking it, that text will be automatically entered into the query input box.

PopSearch comes with a few predefined search engines, but it’s easy to add your own. Just click the Settings button on the popup search bar and enter a search URL template. Or let PopSearch automatically create and add a search template for you by using its Engine Wizard on a search results page.

PopSearch can optionally remember the last search engine you used and use it again when you perform a keywordless address bar search (in Safari 6) or automatically select it in the popup search bar. It can even remember the last engine you used on a per-site basis, if you choose.

The popup search bar can optionally remember your recent search queries, too. When you start typing a query, it displays a list of matching recent queries in a drop-down menu. If you want to repeat one of those searches, just select an item in the menu and press Enter. Alternatively, it can display Google search suggestions.

PopSearch even does site-specific searches. To search just the site you’re currently viewing, select “Google Here” or “Bing Here”. You can define your own site-specific search engines, too.


Download PopSearch

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