Tabkeys 2.3.11 adds option to keep window open when closing last tab

Yes, that’s right. There’s a new option on the Tabkeys General settings page, labelled “Close Window With Last Tab”. As everyone knows, when you close the last tab of a Safari browser window, the window goes away. Now, if you want, you can have Tabkeys replace the last tab with an empty one, thus keeping the window open—as long as you use a Tabkeys hotkey to close the tab.

To make this new setting more useful, the new version also assigns the ⌘W keyboard shortcut to Tabkeys’s own tab closing action. If this causes any problems for you—although I don’t know why it would—you can remove that shortcut from Tabkeys, also on the General settings page.

Download Tabkeys 2.3.10 or let Safari update your copy

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