Cloudmarks 1.8.5

A small enhancement: If you empty the search box after typing in it, all bookmarks will be listed.

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Cloudmarks 1.8.2

This release adds a checkbox to the Add Bookmark dialog that specifies whether the bookmark is to be shared (made public). The setting only applies to Pinboard and Delicious bookmarks and is hidden if you aren’t saving bookmarks to either of those services.

Download Cloudmarks 1.8.2 or let Safari update it.

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Cloudmarks 1.8.1

Fixed a bug where submitting a bookmark to Kippt would fail if there was already a bookmark with the same URL in Cloudmark’s local storage. Now, the bookmark will be properly updated with the new info (if any). However, you’ll still need to hit the Reload button to see the changes (if any) to the bookmark.

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Cloudmarks 1.8

Kippt support seems to be working okay, so I’m releasing this. Also added HiDPI toolbar icons for you lucky Retina MacBook users.

Download Cloudmarks 1.8 or let Safari update your copy.

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Cloudmarks 1.8b1: now with Kippt support

This is a beta build with support for the relatively new Kippt bookmarking network.

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Cloudmarks 1.7.4

Fixed a particularly egregious bug that made Cloudmarks not work at all on a first-time install.

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Cloudmarks 1.7.1

Cloudmarks now has an optional toolbar button to directly open the Add Bookmark form. The button is hidden by default. To enable it, you have to customize your toolbar. Right-click the toolbar, select “Customize…”, and drag the “Cloudmark Add” button to your toolbar.

There’s also a small improvement in the hotkey recording code.

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Cloudmarks 1.6.23

At some point, the method Cloudmarks used to add bookmarks to Google Bookmarks stopped working. Google seems to have eliminated the API Cloudmarks used. I’ve implemented a different way of saving bookmarks to Google, one that unfortunately isn’t very pretty—the new method creates a new background tab for the bookmark add form, populates and submits the form, and then closes the tab.

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Cloudmarks 1.6.22 & PopSearch 1.9.8

Tweaked the hotkey code for each of these extensions so that the same keyboard shortcut will work on non-Latin as well as Latin-based keyboards. Depending on what your shortcut was, this change may make it stop working. If that happens, please go into the extension’s settings and redefine your hotkey.

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Cloudmarks 1.6.20

Tweaked the icon and colors in the popover.

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